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 (>'.')> Sojiro's sprite gallery <('.'<)

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Sojiro [Mr. Otaku]
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Sojiro [Mr. Otaku]

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PostSubject: (>'.')> Sojiro's sprite gallery <('.'<)   Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:31 pm

90%Custom, since I had to take the colours off the current Tsuna, cos this IS THE FUTURE version of him.

Normal Stance:

Hyper-Dying-Will Stance:

Naruto outfit of Reborn!



All custom Sprites:

Support me in the sprite contest please Very Happy

Here's the sprite: It was supposed to be the partner of blkdrgn's sprite but it turned out bigger.

I also decided to post all my other custom sprites to make it look cool


1st sprite with thin sword is the 1st stance of Akimori Subarashi. He is holding a double-bladed sword, that's why there's a shadowed one right behind the current one you can see from the angle. His Hyper-Dying Will state is shown at the bottom of the first column of this stance.

The 2nd sprite is with his second, bigger sword. It's a more darker sword, with also a cloud-type tiger imprinted on it. It also has the installation of two more blades that could cut the enemy when both swords are engaged. 3 Hyper-Dying Will states are shown in this column.

New animated Stance:
Bloo&Mac Spritesheet (1st sprite sheet ever):

I decided to start making an actual sprite sheet, so I'm gonna start off easy by doin' a cartoon one first.

*NOT FINISHED, updating:*

Updated Stance (Taller Bloo) *and for those who complained about Bloo sliding on the stance, I fixed that too:

Walk animation:

Mac only stops after each two steps because Bloo has to go up and down to walk, so Mac has to stop for him every time Razz

Updated and current Sprite sheet:

Which one do you like better? (btw, don't say that the Sojiro before looked better, cos it was an edit...) (btw, don't judge SIZE cos I made it quickly at friends house before goin' to somwhere)
Hair 1-
Hair2 - (LOL! Imageshack suddenly won't load. I'll upload this one later)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn Characters:

3rd Custome Sprite Ever: (Lal Mirch Arcobaleno Age)
Btw, the patterns on her goggles aren't on the bottom picture, but I put it on the sprite anyway.

Colonnello And Lal Mirch:

2nd Custom Sprite ever: (Lal Mirch)

1st Custom sprite ever: (Colonnello)

Accidentally enlarged the head on first try, here's how it went:

I'm making this manga called AkiraFamily. I haven't finished the manga yet, but I've decided to make a sprite of my main character. These are edits, but MAJOR ones.

*Stance Animation*

3rd EVER sprite (Kagura Akira)

Different Pose (Kagura Akira)

2nd EVER sprite (Sojiro Akira)

Different Pose

This is my FIRST ever sprite

It looks better up-close though

These sprites were edited from:
My first ever sprite- Uzumaki Naruto from JUS:

2nd sprite was- Yamamoto Takeshi from Flame Rumble Kaien King Soudatsuen, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

I know, this edit is obvious but I'll make a version with the sword somewhere else.



.:► 涼宮 ハルヒ ◄:.

.:►うずまき ナルト◄:.

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PostSubject: Re: (>'.')> Sojiro's sprite gallery <('.'<)   Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:49 am

omg you can everything its not normal anymore :O 10/10
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(>'.')> Sojiro's sprite gallery <('.'<)
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